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Kamala Moothedath Nair, an architect, illustrator, and visual storyteller, believes that her dreams sprouted wings in the small coastal Indian state of Kerala. It’s difficult to wipe the smile off her lips when she travels, for she finds joy in diverse cultures, people, and architecture.

Outside her studio, you usually see her basking in earthy sunsets, savouring lustrous green pastures with her sketchbook during her walks, or swimming alongside the fishes.

I am always looking for exciting projects and creative opportunities. Feel free to contact me at

NOTE: I’m not currently taking any self-published projects.

For publishing queries, reach out to my agents at Astound.

Illustration Clients include:

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".... Nair's adorable illustrations shine, and overall, the packaging for the message is as sweet as the underlying sentiment...."

-Kirkus Review

"…Kamala is an amazingly talented artist whose work is fresh, inspired, and richly detailed. Between her beautiful choice of colour palettes, character design, and creative interpretation of briefs, she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Moreover, she delivers and communicates with clarity and speedy efficiency. An illustrator to watch out for…."

- LadyBird Books